Cathleen Heath – Engagement Session {Madison, WI}

Let me introduce you to Cathleen, who lives in lovely Madison, Wisconsin. I have once seen an arts program about Madison and what stayed with me was the light of that place and I am always envious of good light. So here is Cathleen and she is still fairly new to the photography side of things but looking at this, I expect to see her go very far.
The shoot took place in West Palm Beach, FL around the middle of May in the morning. My brother-in-law was recently engaged and they decided they would like engagement pictures done while we were in Florida together. So, one morning before breakfast we took advantage of the empty beach and beautiful ocean to create some wonderful memories! They were such fun to work with and I am looking forward to seeing them grow as a couple. 
Bio: My husband and I are currently living in the Madison, WI area. We have a horse, Irish Setter and cat that are some of the best models a woman could wish for! I recently graduated from law school and joined the ranks of ‘unemployed’. I have always loved photography and decided that improving my photography and my photography business would be a good way to spend my time while searching for full time employment. So far I’m loving it! Learning a TON and having a great time continuing to explore the world from behind the lens.
Twitter: Cate_Heath

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