Womens Photography On The Internet

In my experience Women Photographers are a really resourceful bunch of ladies, using everything at her disposal to improve and develop their photography, to publish their work and hopefully get some recognition and to love their hobby, their profession, their fun more.

I wanted to show some of the websites that I love to use for photography inspiration and guidance to improve what I do with the shutter. Over the next few posts I’ll share with you some of my favorite web haunts. I hope they are of some use to you, and please share your top websites too, we can review them in later posts.  I’ve just chosen a few to look at today, because I can’t cover them all!


My top tip for inspiration goes to to Pinterest. Here is my Pinterest inspiration Boardif you want to have a little look, for me it’s a wonderful collection of hints, tips and beautiful pictures from all kinds of sources. I particularly love these…(all can be found on my board for source).




I think for me pinterest is such a collection of tastes and leads you to places all over the web which can inspire, support and develop your photography. It’s a visual community which develops the more you use it, the more you follow and collate in it the more you take from it and the more you can give too.

I found these photoshop tutorials on pinterest and they are super cool how to’s, how to make business cards, cartoon strips, tilt shift effects and typographic work amongst other things.

Most of all though it offers inspiration, I see different points of view, different ideas and a mix of what people love. That can only make you better.


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